My enjoyment and inspiration comes from exploring different mediums, textures, and surfaces which feed the creative processes. Further inspiration comes from our natural surroundings both on a large scale and to the minutest detail. 
While I've been educated in fine arts and graphic design, I consider myself as being self-taught since much of my work has been produced since 2016 after leaving the corporate environment. My roots are in watercolor, but working in mixed media allows me the opportunity to enjoy a more tactile experience. When possible, I incorporate natural elements such as diatomaceous earth, kaolin clay, marble meal and brick dusts, My paints are often hand mixed with eco-friendly pigments sourced locally and from economically challenged regions. Substrates, or my painting surfaces, receive the same amount of attention. These are often items that are recycled or repurposed components, such as printing plates, discarded sheetrock, and mirror.
Fulfillment in my work comes from using this 40+ years of collective knowledge for others to enjoy . This is especially so when collaborating with clients on their own special piece. It involves a unique combination of vision, creativity, and intuition, balanced with craft, technique, and discipline.
If you would like to work with me, please send your info below.
Thank you!
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